Still Alive :-)

Hard to believe, but yes, I’m still alive!!

I’m so late and so ashamed to be so late 🙁
Sorting out my pictures takes a lot of time and each time I think about it, I loose courage…

Anyway, here I am again with some news! Remember the picture from Antelope Canyon, USA (6 year ago!!!)? It’s finally on the site 😉 With many other picture from the USA. Also a little older ones from Mauritius and Italy.

The breaking news is that I changed everything on my site and that’s a good excuse to be late! It finally looks up-to-date and sexy. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

See you very soon then 😉

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Late again with a new update: Indonesia and Finland

Hi guys,

I’ve been sooo late for this, sorry about that. Here come the 2 new chapters, a small one, Finnish Lapland, and a huge one, Indonesia.

Wild Orangutan in Borneo forest

Wild Orangutan in Borneo forest

I hope you will enjoy them. We’re on the road again: flying to Philippines tomorrow 😉


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Finally BACK!!!


Yes I’m finally back, after 16 months!! Sorry about that, my exhibitions took me a lot of time and since I didn’t leave my camera in its bag, I had a LOT of delay, something like 2 years 🙁 So sorry again …

A huge update is waiting your visit in there: INDIA is at last ready! And it deserves a look, one of my best chapters. Fans of portraits will be happy around. So check it out and why not, leave me a message here, on the BLOG 😉

Pushkar Fair

Stay tuned of course, more is about to come: Finnish Lapland and more (later!). Two big chapters are being prepared: Indonesia and USA, but they are going to take a lot of time, oops 🙁

Here’s a little teaser from the USA:

Antelope Canyon


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Back with some fish :-)

Hey there!

I’ve been gone for a long time, since the last update … as usual 😉

And I’m back with a small update of the Maldives chapter where I’ve added some of my best underwater shots ever!! Here is an example, meet the Oriental Maori Wrass:


Oriental maori wrass

It’s a mimetic fish in front of its favorite coral: a stars background!!

I hope you’ll like this update. I’m currently working on a huge chapter: India. It gonna take me a while, as usual too … well, I’m really afraid so 🙁

So here is just a teaser. And the next destination is Indonesia for one month!!


Sadu priest at Varanasi

Sadu priest at Varanasi

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Hello Folks!!

Welcome to my first BLOG 😉

me@El Calafate in Patagonia in front of the Perito Moreno glacier

Feel free to comment my pictures, to add cool pictures from yourselves, or anything else you feel like!

I’ve choosen English as the default language of my Blog, but if you feel bad about it, just speak the language you like better.

To submit and interact with the Blog, don’t forget to register at the Log in page.

To get back to my Website, use the link at the right hand side.

me@El Calafate in Patagonia, in front of the Perito Moreno glacier
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